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If you are working at Eurojob you are working with the best people

At Eurojob there is a positive vibe. They are always there to help me out

- Magdalena

Eurob arranged everything very wel and therefore my job feels like a big warm family.



Eurojob expects that during the coming decades, due to ageing and dejuvenation, substantial shortages will arise in staff of a lower, secondary and technical education. To maintain economic activity and clout (and therefore employment) in the Netherlands, companies will increasingly have to look across borders and at least use the entire European Union to attract a flexible working shell.

Especially in logistics, retail, production, assembly, food, metal & technology, and healthcare, shortages in qualified and motivated employees are increasing.

This problem not only affects the Netherlands, but also many neighbouring countries. It is therefore not inconceivable that there will be a run on international staff in Western Europe in the future.

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Eurojob wants to be the best player in facilitating international supply and demand on the European labour market in order to offer its clients maximum returns and added value. 

Eurojob is achieving this through the recruitment and deployment of optimally motivated and well-trained international flex workers. With them, Eurojob is focusing on Top jobs in specialist areas where high-quality labour is scarce or on environments where productivity increases and well-attuned Top teams can make a difference.

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